Satisfied Client Say About Us

Meera Padmanabhan


Sr Program Manager, Granddaughter of resident

“I am impressed by AV old age home professionalism – in understanding specific needs for my 90-year-old grandmother who lives in Av oldage home, their flexibility in providing the right type of arrangement and their follow-up to ensure they are taken care with love and affection is highly commendable. The staff is very nice and friendly. They are flexible to the individual needs of the resident and provide good medical support facilities. Overall a place for the elderly who need round the clock attention.

Mr. Ramachandra


son of resident

The management of Ananda Vethathiri Oldage Homes is known to us for the past three years. Their dedication and humility have impressed me from day one. They have always helped us with a homely stay for my father whenever needed. Unlike other old age homes, they always accommodate even for a SHORT STAY which, I am sure, is a dire need of many busy working professionals these days. I call it a ‘Home Away From Home’, also, recommend Aananda Vedadri in the first place to those in need. Be it your parents or grandparents or your dear ones, are taken care of utmost. The food provided here is nutritious also tasty, to suit the needs of the elderly. The ambience is clean, to care for the health of our dearest senior members of the family. Good service is provided anywhere and everywhere for good money; However, in the case of Aananda Vedadri, the special thing I have found is ‘Love&affection’. No doubt, here, The management and staff treat the residents with utmost care and love; this is the quality which adds value for money, also, make me stick to Ananda Vethathiri whenever there is a need. All the very best

Dr. Prahlad N Tengli


Brother of resident

Here, senior citizens are taken care of like the elders in a joint family. The qualities which drew me to Ananda Vethathiri are the homely atmosphere, hygienic environment, good facilities and friendly staff. Here, the administrative and nursing staff are very good at personalized care and, creating an environment which is warm and lovely.

Dr. Ravi Shankar



You, at Ananda Vethathiri, are doing a great service to the society. Apart from the friendly & caring atmosphere, everyday routine of shower etc, hygiene, maintenance, nutritious special cooked food at a facility for each elder, lunch & dinner, TV and activities, the birthday celebration for elders, traditional events, Round-the-clock medical attention and trained staff were exceptional. God bless you all.

Keep up your good work.



Grand Daughter of Resident

I have admitted my bedridden grandma in ananda vethathiri old age home Bangalore, I take this opportunity to say that my grandma is well cared, groomed, and taken care like a child.she is very happy after coming here. The staffs are also very kind to the elderly person and take good care….tho we do not stay in Bangalore I have no worries about my grandma who is in the safe hands of Ananda Vethathiri. So we are very happy with them doing a wonderful service to the needed…I wish them all the success and May God bless them both

Mr. Subramanyam



“I joined in Ananda Vethathiri because all my children are abroad and wanted me to live at a place where I am taken care of. The staff&management here are very nice, they are my friends, and not formal at all. I am very choosy when it comes to food but the team listens to my suggestions and tries their best to accommodate my requests.”